A week of words

Well, it’s been busy in the Martin household this week!

After my first marketing mentorship session last Monday, I also heard from my publishing coordinator, who advised me there was about a week before the editors reached Seregn in their queue. She offered me that time to go over the manuscript once more for any minor changes based on some tips she provided. And I thought “why not?”

Besides writing, life has been busy too – I’ve had a Zoom catch up with friends – one of whom is overseas (and has been since the start of 2021) and finally coming back to visit, a full time job work, a social event scheduled for the weekend, being part of the worship team for church on Sunday, and a nasty migraine with aura striking without warning halfway through the week!

So, all in all, it’s been a bit chockers.

Hubby and I took a much needed break last night to spend time together and play some Scrabble. Who do you reckon won?

On the plus side, it’s nice to be rereading Seregn again, in a faster way. I’m just looking for the small things at this point (before the editors get it anyway). And so far, I think it’s reading pretty well, with a few tweaks and such. My only problem is that, at this point, I know the story inside out. I’m struggling to feel the drama, the conflict, as words I’ve read over so many times lose their urgency and excitement. Not to say I’m bored of Seregn, but I look forward to the day I can pull it off the shelf after leaving it alone for a few years and take another peek.

It reminds me of a funny moment. When I was doing my last round of edits, it had been several years since I read over the manuscript. I was sitting at the kitchen bench one evening, editing away while my husband watched Top Gear, and without warning I GASPED.


I’d forgotten what happened in the book! Of course I knew the overall story, but I forgot a super dramatic moment and a couple of sentences before I reached it I saw it coming and gasped in shock!

It’s an amusing anecdote, but also encouraging to know that if I can surprise and engage myself, hopefully I can do that for others too!

It’s going to be another big week – another mentoring session, trying to go through a 162,000 word manuscript by Wednesday… but fingers crossed I get there!

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