A professional editor’s opinion on my manuscript

A lot can happen in 24 hours.

In my case, I got the first round of my manuscript edits back.

Oh, and I tested positive for covid.

So far I’ve managed to avoid this illness – for the past two years I’ve escaped it. But, that’s not important at the moment. Why? Because… I got my first edit back!

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am so incredibly delighted with the feedback. They liked it. They liked it!

As a debut author, having a professional editor tell me my perspective shifts are “seamless and unobtrusive”, or that the way I have built my world with various technologies manages to “avoid the steampunk cliche”, or that I have “employed multiple narrative techniques to engage the reader and keep them engaged” is so incredibly wonderful!

My book is good.

And while I’ve worked hard to make it so, having a professional agree, is not only a relief, it’s a joy.

I know I’ve worked hard to make this manuscript the very best it could be before sending it away, but part of me had this worry – what if the foundations I built the story on are rotten, what if it is actually bad?

I got my edits back! Me, all happy, opening the document to start looking through them.

I know this is just one editor, and any of the countless thousands of others might have a different opinion, but for me this is enough.

Of course it doesn’t mean my manuscript is perfect. My editor has provided some feedback on ways to improve it, but in the grand scheme it all feels fairly minor. This story has been well received by a professional, and I’m so happy!

It’s just so surreal to have this stranger discussing my story. Talking in their summary and email about the characters, setting, plot, like they know them. Because, now, they do! This story isn’t just in my head (and a few beta readers’) anymore, and, God willing, the audience will only grow.

So, as I sit rugged up in my oodie, wrapped in a blanket by the heater, sipping hot tea and stifling my cough, if my brain is operational enough, I’m so excited to start looking at these edits, and making this book even more amazing.

How about you? When have you received positive feedback you weren’t sure you’d receive, how did it make you feel?

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  1. When my producer liked my song, I was flattered, relieved and thankful.
    My album should be out for Christmas!

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