Procrastination, Parks, and Planning

I find myself at a bit of a loss at the moment, staring at my screen, pondering what I could share.

To be honest, publishing stuff has been a bit slow this week, my manuscript is with the editor, I’m slowly working on building elements of a marketing plan, and that’s about it.

I’ve been in a weird frame of mind, knowing I need to do things like research who I would like to ask to endorse my book, plan content, and get to know the writer community online, but instead being drawn into a headspace where I want to think about a new story.

It’s tricky, because in some ways I definitely think it’s a form of procrastination, but nonetheless I want to grab the writing/creative headspace while it’s here.

Which means I need to somehow split my creative time between the two. Definitely a challenge.

Meanwhile I’ve essentially only had an hour or two of writing time this weekend – a friend I hadn’t seen for 18 months was in town, and they were such glorious winter days we spent them in the park and out and about a bit.

Hubby and I were soaking up the park this weekend, heading the sound of life buzzing away is, in his words, ‘hearing happiness’.

And I’m glad we did. Life is precious, sweet, it needs to be experienced and enjoyed and lived.

So perhaps that’s the balancing act, living and enjoying life while maintaining dedication to the responsibilities we have.

The time I did have this weekend, some of it I spent reading over a writing craft book, writing down some old ideas I really don’t know if I like enough to keep going with, and pondering what it might be that I want to say with this story. I shut myself in the office, lay on the floor, and just let myself ponder – almost a bit bored – and think.

I have a feeling the next book(s) are going to be a very long planning process, but that’s ok. It’s been so very long since I planned books, I think I’m a bit out of practice, in fact I’ve only ever done it to completion once.

And that worries me a bit – what if I can’t replicate that and do it again? I know that’s foolish to think, but there you go. For now I’m not letting it bother me, and slowly chipping away.

All while attempting to not neglect Seregn’s marketing side!

How about you, what are you slowly pondering, or chipping away at?

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