I’m going on an Adventure!

You know that delicious anticipation you feel on the eve of something thrilling?

Perhaps the night before Christmas when you were a child (or still even now!), the day before a big party, or the excitement of a new book?

I’m in that space now. I’m going on an Adventure!

Where? To beautiful Victoria, Australia. I’m a Queenslander, and next week my amazing husband has planned a road trip to take in some amazing places. Just google the Great Ocean Road, Gippsland, and the Snowy Mountains and you’ll get the idea.

We leave within only a few days, and the anticipation and thrill are steadily building.

Why am I sharing all this? A few reasons.

First, I think travel fuels my imagination, it fills my creative wells. Knowing I’m about to embark on a little adventure to places I’ve never been sparks excitement, knowing I’ll see thing I never have before. New environments, new locations, new scenery…

Several locations in Seregn are, at least in some way, inspired by places I travelled to in New Zealand way back in 2016 as I was planning and writing my first draft.

I took this photo at the gardens just outside the Auckland War Memorial Museum. It inspired the location of a scene in Seregn.

As I begin to really think about my next story, having new places in my head just expands the visual library I have to help springboard ideas and places and images in my imagination.

Second, it’s just plain exciting. Who wouldn’t be excited? It’ll be my first time doing as much driving as we will be doing (it’ll take two days to get to our first main destination), which makes it feel like a little bit of a challenge – a little quest, if you will. I’ll also have to be ok with being cold (eek!). The experience itself will be so precious, and while nowhere near as uncomfortable as the journey of my characters in Seregn, I think it can only help me understand it a bit more.

Third, it means I’ll have some exciting content. Don’t get me wrong, this point pales in comparison to the sheer joy of going on holidays with my husband, but it is also an awesome opportunity to get some amazing photos, videos, and content to share with you. I’ve even thought, with all the places we’re going, I may be able to use the videos I get to put together Seregn’s book trailer! But, we will wait and see.

Fourth, Seregn will be ready when I return. When we get back it’ll be the first couple of days of August, which is also when the copy edit of Seregn is due. What perfect timing right?! I can go away and just enjoy my holiday, without feeling the call of going over the next set of edits. But, I can also return home in the perfect time to receive them. I’m so keen to see what this stage will hold, and it’s so perfectly timed. When I return I’ll also be getting involved in the cover design process, and a few other bits and pieces as it all starts coming together. I’m so excited!

So, overall, I’m going on holidays (hooray!), I’m super excited (yay!), and stay tuned for more!

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