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Come along with me as I embark on the terrifyingly exciting journey of attempting to publish a novel.

Ever since I was a little girl, regaled with tales of Narnia, Middle-Earth, and any other number of fantastical realms, I’ve wanted to be a writer.

I’ve also known the publishing process is scary! So, to try to make it a little less so, I’ll share the whole journey, right here, with you.

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Book Review: Captain of the Sand by Amber Gabriel

Well, I’m back. It’s been a long break, but an important one. I’ve become a mother. I’m learning this whole new role, the most important role I could likely ever fill, besides the role of wife, and the overall identity of Christian. I can’t fathom how deeply I love my new little human, the bliss…

Book Review: Origin Curse by Sarah Kate Ishii

Well, I’m back with a with another book review, and this time I am utterly delighted to be reviewing an Aussie novel – and a Queensland one at that! Honestly, it’s not every day I get to read a book by a Queenslander, and in this case, one I know! Today I’m reviewing Origin Curse…

Book Review: The Princess of Everywhere by Amber Gabriel

Hello again! Today I’m bringing you another book review. First off though, some Seregn news! I recently received my first copy of the book! The purpose of the one-off copy is to check for any final errors before the print run begins. Just this week I sent the final comments back to my publisher! They’ll…

Book Review: Marked by R. M. Krogman

Hi everyone!  What a couple of weeks it’s been! Most recently I’ve been busy preparing to speak at a women’s event which took place last Saturday. I discussed the important of being able to identify fake news and went over some key questions we can ask to help us verify what we find online. I…


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